All systems are up and running

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  • Voice Over IP Switches

    These servers take care of the routing of incoming and outgoing calls.

    • FoundCOM Switch 1
    • Twytel Switch 1
    • Calling-U Switch 1
  • VoIP to PSTN (POP)
    • BE-POP

      This "POP" connection ensures the connection to the fixed line network in Belgium.

    • NL-POP

      This "POP" connection provides the connection to the fixed line network in the Netherlands.

  • PBX Hypervisors

    Hypervisors are servers that are subdivided into multiple virtual machines. These host the PBXs for our customers.

    • Amsterdam
    • Frankfürt
    • Oostkamp
    • Paris
    • Silicon Valley
  • FoundCOM Services
    • Website
    • Support by phone
    • Customer zone
    • Knowledgebase
    • API
    • Web2Fax
    • Web2SMS
    • Fax2Mail
  • Unifi Controller

    This server is the beating heart behind our Managed Wifi solution.

  • Webhosting
    • cPanel 1
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